Anastasia Beverly Hills: More Than Brows

Brows are still having a moment: the very arched and structured Instagram brows, the grown out Cara brows, or something in between: take your pick! One of the biggest names when we talk brows is Anastasia Beverly Hills but today I want to move away from the brows she does so well and take a look at the rest of the range. Will you join me?

Let’s step back in time, 20 years to be exact, to 1997 when Anastasia Soare founded the brand. She gained her reputation as the Queen of Brows by applying her patented Golden Ratio method to the brows of the rich and famous. From salons to stores she broadened her audience by selling brow products and tools to those of us who couldn’t make it to her salon. You know the names, right? Brow Wiz, the super thin twist-up pencil to mimic tiny hair strokes for a natural effect. Or its bolder sister, Brow Definer, that also allows you to make bolder strokes for a more structured effect. Or maybe Dip Brow, a pomade that, with the right brush, will transform your brows. And these products aren’t just available in blonde, red, brunette and black, the shade range goes up to 10 (11 for Dip Brow) which means there’s a shade for just about anyone.

It’s clear that Anastasia Beverly Hills was leading the pack when it comes to brows, both at the salon and at home, but that wasn’t enough. In 2014 they took things took another level, big time. They added more make up to the range to accompany all the brow products. The now famous contour kits, highlight kits and liquid lipsticks,…


Slowly but surely they are taking over the eyeshadow palette throne from Urban Decay: the red and pink toned limited edition Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette was such a success that it’s now part of the permanent range (and of my wish list!) and their collaboration with make up artist Mario Dedivanovic, The Master Palette by Mario, was an instant sell-out and I’m very happy that I managed to buy one while I was in Toronto.

When Modern Renaissance was first launched it scared the hell out of me, it’s very hard to pull off those pink eyeshadows, but people seem to love it and are creating the most gorgeous looks with them. I wanted to see it in store but it was sold out while I was in Toronto, lucky me did find a Master Palette by Mario as a “consolation prize” but this has made me want Modern Renaissance for sure!

The quality of these eyeshadows is unbelievable! They are so pigmented, they are buttery, they are gorgeous! The Master Palette by Mario is quite heavy on the shimmer eyeshadows but they are so dreamy that I don’t really mind. It’s a very versatile palette but you can definitely see Mario’s aesthetic reflected in the shades: very smouldering and sultry.

I am so impressed by this palette that I slowly but surely am falling for Modern Renaissance which has more matte shades and seems like a nice match to go with the Master Palette by Mario. Any thoughts on this? Since it’s permanent now, there’s no rush…


Actually, the shade that made me less scared of Modern Renaissance was Isabel, a matte orange that I wouldn’t usually go for. However, I’ve tried it in the crease, all over the lid,… and it’s beautiful! I’m converted.

While I was in Toronto, I also got a Liquid Lipstick. You know I’m a sucker for bold, matte lips so any chance to try a new one is a chance I must take. And although pink may scare me for eyeshadows, it’s one my favourite colours for lips so I chose Rio, a cool vibrant pink with a neon touch that works for so many skin tones. I am very pleased with my choice but again, it just makes me want to buy more!

I’ll have Strawberry, and Tulip (just launched!) and then Carina and maybe American Doll and so on and so on…


Rio is a true matte, but the texture is not drying at all, it’s super light and comfortable and the applicator is sheer perfection. Unlike the finish, that’s matte perfection. One of my favourite liquid lipstick formula’s and that’s saying something.

I already loved the brow products but these 2 have made me a real Anastasia-fan.


I think a big driving force behind this expansion of the range is Anastasia’s daughter, Claudia Soare, who is President of the company (Anastasia herself is CEO). Claudia is the mastermind behind Anastasia Beverly Hills’ strong Instagram game and social media presence and she lives and breathes the brand. She’s very hands-on for their product development, the photoshoots, etc…

Anastasia Beverly Hills was one of the first brands to share the spotlight with bloggers, vloggers and make up artists (“influencers”, but I don’t like that term) and work with them instead of just feeding them products and info, expecting (good) reviews in return.

They are masters at launching new products and consequently selling them out.

They were also one of the first brands to give us swatches on various skin tones, which more and more brands are doing now.

They just launched the Lip Palette for the mad scientists or aspiring make up artists among beauty lovers. You can mix and match your shades, this is customisation at its best! It’s also a bridge between professional products and mainstream products and I think it perfectly symbolises the brand. Can anyone make a calculation of how many shades you can create with these? Or should we just go with “infinite”?


This mother-daughter duo, and without a doubt their staff and co-workers, and their brand seem to be at the top of their game right now. But what makes me like them the most is how much love they show for other brands. Follow them on Twitter (@ABHcosmetics , @norvina1) but especially on Instagram (@anastasiabeverlyhills and @norvina) and you will not only see some behind the scenes peeks at upcoming products or the whole process that goes with it but also how excited they get over other brands and their products. They are genuinely cheerleaders for their colleagues and peers and I will happily be one for them.

In Belgium you can buy the brow products and contour kits exclusively at Planet Parfum, in the UK you can find most of the range at Cultbeauty (but why no lip products, whyyyyy?) or simply on (but no liquid lipsticks yet: “Coming soon to the UK”? The sooner, the better!). I’d really love to see more of their make up in stores, people! Please make it happen, pretty please!

So yeah, “buy 2 products get a 100 product wish list for free”, that deal is the fate of a beauty lover, I guess! Do you have any Anastasia Beverly Hills products or maybe some recommendations? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

P.S.: read more about the brow range in this post