The Cleansing Balm Love Continues: Voya Totally Balmy

It’s been well established by now that I LOVE cleansing balms. I’m not a fan of cleansing milks, gave up on micellar waters and let’s not get started on wipes… While a cleansing oil is all kinds of luscious, a balm takes it to another level: it allows you to really thoroughly massage your skin and to take the time to enjoy your skin care routine and some of that “me-time” everyone keeps talking about. The cleansing balm du jour comes from Ireland, curious yet?

Voya takes pride in its home of Ireland and it shows in everything they do. The Emerald Isle makes me think of lush green grass and crashing Atlantic waves. Voya embraces both these images by putting organic seaweed at the centre of of their products and their philosophy. They’re not only concerned with providing an organic (as organic as possible) product but also the bigger picture: eco-friendly packaging, sustainable harvesting, giving back to the environment through charities,… They are green, they talk the talk but also walk the walk.

According to Voya seaweed has a variety of benefits: it moisturises, heals, purifies, improves suppleness,… People who suffer from conditions like eczema or psoriasis have been known to incorporate seaweed into their treatment.

The Voya range is quite extensive, from bath and body products to hair products, home fragrance and of course facial skin care.

The facial range allows you to put together a whole routine using only Voya, but I’m talking about one of their cleansers today: Totally Balmy*.

The balm comes with instructions for a facial massage and a muslin cloth. Don’t discard the muslin, you will need it. I do wish it also came with a small spatula to pick up the product, but of course I had some close by anyway…
I like the packaging, it’s sturdy and practical. When you open the jar you find a buttery balm that just screams “massage me into your skin, NOW”. Then your olfactory sense kicks in and treats you to a fresh, herby scent (ylang ylang!). And now the real fun begins!

You apply some balm to your face with circular movements, really massage it into your skin. There are plenty of facial massage videos on Youtube if you need some guidance. After that, the muslin joins in on the action: put it in warm water, rinse and put onto your face for a few seconds. Repeat this about 3 times and at the end use the muslin to gently exfoliate. You can’t just remove the product with water and your hands, there will be a residue of balm on your skin, so you need to use the muslin. Voya then recommends to put the muslin in cold water and put onto your face again after which you pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

As always, you can apply or ignore these instructions and incorporate the balm into your routine as you see fit, or as your skin dictates… But I do highly recommend to use the muslin, if you want to you can order some extra muslin cloths.

I’ve been using Totally Balmy as the first step of my double cleanse whenever I’m wearing make up and it does the trick! I don’t need a separate eye make up remover, it’s gentle enough but also powerful enough to get rid of my mascara (and eyeliner if I felt particularly brave earlier that day), and it’s a lovely start to my PM routine. It sets the tone: the smell, texture and massage make for a relaxing start of my evening.

Now onto some practicalities: where, how much, etc… You can buy Totally Balmy on Philvert for €47,00. Not a bad price at all, considering it will take a while to finish it. If you’re not looking for a cleanser but are interested in Voya, Philvert exclusively has plenty more! And for those who are looking for a cleanser but not a balm (sigh): there’s a great offer on now, if you buy Cast Away (a facial wash) you get a Ritzy Spritzy toner with it!

Voya has put itself onto my skin care radar and I’m curious to learn more. Let me know if you’ve ever tried it or will try it now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my Totally Balmy to annihilate my make up. Gently, of course.