BE Creative Make Up Month: Coming Soon

Now that the whole BE Creative Make Up range has been covered in the previous 3 posts (lips, eyes, face and tools), it’s time to look forward and take a look at the new products they’re launching exclusively at Ici Paris XL soon. Two new collections are coming up: BE Charming, the Autumn collection, on September 1st (next Thursday!) and BE Sparkling, the Christmas collection, on October 27th. I’m already giving you a sneak peek at the Christmas Collection but will come back to that later!


The products that are currently on display are quite the treat already: catch up here. But as you may or may not know, there can never be too many matte lip products, in my opinion. My patience is being put to the test here, because the launch I have been waiting for is in the BE Sparkling collection: Matte Lipsticks!

5 gorgeous shades of velvet textured lipstick: a nude, a neutral rose, a punch of pink, a classic red and a beautiful berry.

⇒€12,95 each


BE Charming has 3 new eye products in its collection.

The Sublim’Eyes Double Effect Mascara, available in black, comes with 2 brushes, well I guess it’s technically 1 brush…, to give you the best of lengthening and volume. Why choose if you can have both?

BE Creative Make Up - Sublim'Eyes Double Effect Mascara


A new brow product is being launched as well: Perfect Brows Brow Styling Gel. A transparent gel to set your brows without feeling wet or, at the other end of the spectrum, dry and crispy?  Worth a try if you like a quick brow fix!

BE Creative Make Up - Perfect Brows Brow Styling Gel


And last but not least: Wink & Go Eye Colour Sticks! Yes! I love a good cream eyeshadow stick. They’re so easy to use and super versatile, I can’t believe BE didn’t have them yet. All over the lid for a wash of colour, as a liner, for a smokey look, as a base/primer for a powder eyeshadow,… Eyeshadow sticks can do it all!

The six shades look like the perfect eyeshadow stick wardrobe to me and I kinda want them all.

⇒€11,95 each

The BE Sparkling collection will bring the BE Automatic Eye Pencils: 5 shades (4 permanent, 1 limited edition) of retractable precision eyeliners.

⇒€11,95 each

A gorgeous limited edition eyeshadow palette will also make an appearance: more on that when it’s time for a Holiday Gift Inspiration post…


Rose Quartz is getting a sister: Beige Gold is the new Highlighting Powder that will come our way in September. This beautiful gold toned highlighter will especially appeal to people with warmer skin tones, but it will work on anyone, really.

BE Creative Make Up - Highlighting Powder - 002 Beige Gold

⇒17,95 each

BE Creative Make Up - Skin Genius Liquid Concealer


Another launch featured in the BE Charming collection: Skin Genius Liquid Concealer (available in 3 shades). It will cover blemishes but to me it looks more like an under eye concealer. I always use 2 different concealers: 1 for blemishes on my face and another 1 under my eyes. Different shades, different textures, different ways of applying them, different things to cover up: 2 very different things for me.


With its metal tip, this concealer would be great to cool a puffy under eye area.

⇒14,95 each




BE Creative Make Up - Smooth & Go Blending Sponge


A new liquid concealer is launching? What better tool to be launched alongside it than a sponge?
The Smooth & Go Blending Sponge is BE’s answer to the sponge hype.
Many swear by them for a natural, flawless foundation application, I don’t have the patience for that but love using them to blend my concealer.
You use it damp and because of its shape you can easily reach every tricky corner of your face.

I think this is a great addition to the range!




To Summarise…

In short, this is what’s coming up:

  • September 1st (but already available online!) – BE Charming collection featuring Sublim’Eyes Double Effect Mascara, Perfect Brows Brow Styling Gel, Wink & Go Eye Colour Sticks, Beige Gold Highlighting Powder, Skin Genius Liquid Concealer and Smooth & Go Blending Sponge
  • October 27th – BE Sparkling collection featuring Matte Lipsticks, Automatic Eye Pencils and some gifts and sets that I will tell you about later…

That’s it! The end of my BE Creative Make Up Appreciation Month…
I hope you enjoyed getting to know this wonderful brand a much as I have.

Please let me know if you’ve already tried any of their products or if you plan on buying something of the range, I’d love to know!