BE Creative Make Up Month: Face and Tools

Another August Sunday, another BE Creative Make Up post. We’ve had lips, we’ve had eyes, it’s time for face and tools!

The Range


Before applying foundation and all those other shenanigans, it’s primer time. While the Photo Perfecting Primer is suitable for all skin types to achieve a perfect base and longer lasting make up, those of us with combination or oily skin might benefit more from the Velvet Matte Primer to keep unwanted shine at bay.Photo Perfecting Primer⇒ €15,95 each


There’s a Flawless Compact Foundation for the fans, but I prefer a liquid formula. There are 2 liquids available: Diamond Dew Glow and Feather Finish Matte. My current foundation of choice is Feather Finish Matte but I’m definitely open to trying the Diamond Dew Glow in the future.

The Feather Finish Matte foundation packaging has had a makeover recently, it now comes in a plastic tube with a pump: you know me, I love a good travel friendly product so thumbs up! I also love the foundation itself: it has SPF 15, is very lightweight and buildable and has a very natural result. After careful consideration Ness, BE Creative Make Up’s wonderful Make Up Artist, chose shade 002 for me and it’s a very good match. It’s one of the best lasting foundations I have tried, and without any setting spray on top! There’s a bit of creasing in my usual weak points (the corners of my mouth) but overall it lasts really well! It just looks really natural: good skin in a tube, well, at least the appearance of good skin… Don’t be put off by the “matte” if you’re not into that, it gives a lovely healthy glow!

⇒ €15,95 each


A green Color Corrective Concealer to tackle redness and a Concealer Ideal Kit to hide dark circles and blemishes: to me those are the 2 concealer options BE Creative Make Up offers, they might add a certain pen, but I’m putting that one under the header “Highlighter” because I’m stubborn like that.

Colour Correcting Concealer

⇒ Color Corrective Concealer: €11,95 / Concealer Ideal Kit: €13,95


I don’t know about you but I like to apply some powder to keep all of the above in place. I’ve only ever used a compact but I really want to try a loose powder, there’s something very chic and fancy about that, don’t you agree? Luckily, BE Creative Make Up has both in their range with the Satin Silk Transparent Compact Powder (that’s a damn long name) in 3 shades and and 1 shade of Micro Perfect Loose Powder.

⇒ Satin Silk Transparent Compact Powder: €13,95 / Micro Perfect Loose Powder: €14,95


With 5 flattering Blush shades you will surely find your match for that natural flush of colour on the cheeks we all love. In addition to these powder blushes you can also go for those beautiful Baked Blushes from the BE Dazzling collection.


Very pretty, yes yes, but… my absolute favourite BE Creative Make Up blush product is the Duo Blush.

Duo Blush

I’ve never been much a blush girl because I tend to blush quite a bit on my own, without the help of make up. I go red easily and I don’t want to make matters worse with the wrong shade of blush because being self-conscious about that will only make more go more red and so on and so on. The never-ending cycle of the red face, if you will.

But, lovely people of the internet, the right blush… It can do wonders! The first blush that changed my mind about blushes was Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic Blusher in First Love. It gives a healthy flush of colour, it adds dimension and warmth but it’s not an obvious, clown-esque addition to your face. I hadn’t encountered another blush like it until I saw the Duo Blush!

One warm rose and one bronzy brown are in this duo and while the brown is too dark for me to use on its own, it must be gorgeous on deeper skin tones. That doesn’t mean I only use the other shade, I swirl my brush into both for the most perfect shade (see third swatch). I apply the rose shade onto the apples of my cheeks and then apply both a little higher up on the cheekbones, just under where I would apply highlighter. Love it!

⇒ Blush and Baked Blush: €11,95 each / Duo Blush: €16,95


There are 3 shades of Bronzer, none of which I have in my possession so I can’t really comment!

Bronzer⇒ €14,95 each


There’s only 1 powder Highlighter to be found, a fine powder that is put into the pan in a very pretty rose ombre. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on Mirage, the sold out limited edition Baked Highlighter, you’ll probably never need another highlighter in your life because it is huge. But one can never have too many highlighters so maybe take a look at this one as well? If you weren’t lucky enough to get Mirage… I’m so so sorry. Here’s some pictures to make it worse.

The other highlighter, and not a concealer in my humble opinion…, is the Perfect and Reflect Highlighting Pen, you know the kind, a twist-up *click click click* pen that dispenses product into the brush so you can precisely target the areas on your face you want to highlight.Perfect & Reflect Highlighter Pen

They obviously know their highlighters at BE HQ, but I would loooooove to see a cream stick highlighter from them *hint hint hint*!

⇒ Highlighter: €17,95 each / Perfect and Reflect Highlighting Pen: €13,95 each


You could of course use a bronzer and highlighter for some contouring action but for the most natural contour results you’re better off with matte products. I think of it like this: you create an even, flawless canvas with your base products. Very nice, but flat and one dimensional. Flat and one dimensional, we are not, so we “should” to recreate the natural game of light and shadow on our face.
You can take it a step further and “correct” your features by contouring your nose, neck and just about any other body part but that’s when it becomes kontouring, ifyouknowwhatImean. I draw the line (ha, no pun intended, really) at adding shadow into the hollows of my cheeks, some shadow under my chin and then highlight the bridge of my nose, the centre of my forehead, the very top of my cheekbones, my chin (ever so lightly) and my cupid’s bow. It seems like a lot now that it’s written down but it’s not that time-consuming. BE Creative Make Up made a wonderful palette for this: Perfect and Reflect Contour Kit*. It has a matte contour shade and a matte highlight shade. It sounds weird, right? A matte highlight? But these matte powders are perfect to bring back the natural shadows and points of light to your 3D face. After that you can of course add some more warmth and glow by adding bronzer and a shimmery highlighter to certain points.

The trick of contouring lies in the application. I start with “stamping” the contour shade into the hollows of my cheeks and then begins the buffing and blending game. It has to look bad before it gets good, I guess.Perfect & Reflect Contour Kit Facechart

You buff buff and then blend blend blend until you see the shadow but you no longer see the powder. This is where you’re really creating an optical illusion: you want to see the result, not the product.

After the matte powders I use a non matte highlighter but only on the top of my cheekbones and cupid’s bow. This is a personal preference, of course. I might add some bronzer in a “3 shape” on the sides of my face but while I always use highlighter I can’t say the same for bronzer. That being said, this contour thing is not part of my daily make up routine but it does add that extra touch, especially when you go heavy on the foundation.

Don’t worry if it all sounds complicated, there’s a little “how to contour” in the box. The packaging of this kit is the same as the Duo Blush, by the way: sleek black with a mirror.

Also, don’t be scared of the swatches, they’re a bit exaggerated: just build it up, blend and you will not look like a tiger. Unless that’s what you’re going for, of course!

⇒ €16,95 each


The range of brushes is quite impressive and the 3 I’ve been able to try are all really good!

Staying in the face department, and especially the contouring game, the Flat Top Foundation Brush* (15) and Blush Brush* (2) are your friends. The official name might be Flat Top Foundation Brush but number 15 is the Buffing Brush to me. I’ve used it to apply foundation but the surface is too small for me and the bristles a bit too short. But for buffing: yes!

Back to that contouring routine: I first use my Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush for the “stamping” (I think you may need to make this type of brush, BE Creative Make Up), I buff with the Buffing Brush and blend with the Blush Brush.
I also use the Blush Brush to apply that amazing Duo Blush: perfect pair! The Blush Brush is incredibly soft and the soft edged angled shape is perfect for blush application.

The third brush I have is another winner: the 2-in-1 Eyeshadow Brush (8) has one end with short bristles, perfect for precise application and stamping, and the other end with its longer bristles is exactly what you need  for blending.

Of the brushes I haven’t tried I am most curious about the 2-in-1 Travel Brush and the Large Powder Brush. I love a big fluffy brush for powder, I can’t resist.

⇒ Flat Top Foundation Brush: €15,95 / Blush Brush: €25,95 / 2-in-1 Eyeshadow Brush: €10,95

My Tips

Whether you’re into matte or glow, you should definitely take a look at the foundations.

The Perfect and Reflect Contour Kit is a fun product for those who like to play with make up but the Duo Blush is my number 1 must have face product! Make up novice or make up expert: go get a Duo Blush, you will adore it! While you’re at it get the Blush brush: it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

I would add the Baked Highlighter but alas, it’s gone gone gone! Prayer circle for a, permanent, comeback?

If you end up buying one of those gorgeous eyeshadow palettes from last week’s post (hurray!), get that 2-in-1 brush as well, it’s so good! They are yours to buy exclusively at Ici Paris XL.

Coming Soon?

Again, many new products are on the horizon!

A concealer, a highlighter, a cool new tool,.. More about those next week!