Empties #4

Another Empties post, I know. I can’t stand to look at all that junk anymore so you can expect quite a few of these over the next weeks, let’s power through them together!

In the make up department I used up two powders: Bourjois’ Healthy Balance Powder (shade 52 Vanille) and Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (shade nĀ° 20).

Both really good, but at very different price points, you can tell by looking at the brands. They’re not the same type of powders for me. The Bourjois powder is the one I use everyday to mattify those areas that tend to get shiny, it is wonderful and won’t break the bank. The Chanel powder is what I use on days when I don’t use a foundation but something light like a BB cream. I’m not quite at the point of using only Les Beiges Powder, but you definitely can! I didn’t actually use up all the Les Beiges powder, but as you can maybe tell: it’s falling apart so it’s just too messy now. I already have my back up though.

I’m still making my way through dozens of fragrance samples and used up 2 My Burberry samples and a Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb samples. I adore My Burberry, I’mĀ obsessed! It’s a great scent, it just works for me. I’ve used up one full size bottle, the second one is mere spritzes away from being empty and a third is awaiting that moment to make its entrance. I can’t imagine ever being without this one. The samples weren’t for trial purposes, I just threw them in my bag if I had plans after work to freshen up the scent. Love love love!

Flowerbomb is too strong for me, I just can’t handle it. I don’t know if it’s a specific note or just the sheer power of the scent but it’s just not for me.

Skin care! We’ve had two powders, two perfumes, let’s keep that going and add two toners to the bin.

Pixi Glow Tonic is the toner equivalent of My Burberry: I’ve used up a few bottles, have some left in my last bottle, but unfortunately I don’t have a full one waiting… It’s also a product I can’t imagine not having around, although it happens from time to time, boo! Is it the Ginseng, is it the Aloe Vera? The combination maybe? I can’t tell, but it’s my favourite toner. Clear, calm skin is what it delivers and who doesn’t want that?!

The second toner is REN’s Clarimatte. Nothing spectacular to report here: it didn’t do any damage but it didn’t do anything visibly good either. Maybe this is more for oily skins and not for combination skins like mine?

Empties #4

Somewhat staying in the dual theme, but not quite… A whole bunch of Colab Dry Shampoo bottles! I do have two sizes, and two different finishes, but several scents and 10 different bottles, yikes!

I got a set with the travel sizes first, it featured all the original scents (Monaco was added later) so it was perfect to test! I discovered London was my favourite (surprise, surprise) and it seems I’m not the only fan: it’s always sold out…

I’m a big fan of the original Sheer + Invisible version and when they released the Extreme Volume version, after much demand of the customers, I was excited to try it to add some much needed volume to my roots. However, it didn’t work out for me, it only dried out my hair so I was drawn back to the Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo. They’re the best I’ve tried so far: very light yet effective. If only I could get my hands on the London scent…

Another pile of products to say goodbye to, many more piles to go.

See you next week!