Hopping On The Sheet Mask Wagon With Qiriness

Ah, sheet masks, another beauty trend that flew in all the way from South Korea. BB creams and cushion foundations are only a few examples of the South Korean beauty innovations that are now part of our routines. And yes, they also gave us sheet masks, thank you for those! I recently used 2 sheet masks and one of them was so good I had to write a blog post about it. Curious? Keep on reading…

Both sheet masks were by the same brand: Qiriness, a brand that aims to deliver products that give you the results of a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Spa days are great, but in all honesty, how many of us get the chance to it regularly? Whether it’s budget, time or body confidence restrictions, loads of things can prevent us from enjoying a nice day of pampering at the spa. That’s why any brand that makes pampering in our own bathroom a little easier deserves a chance.

Furthermore, masks are the best suited products for an at-home skin care party in my opinion. They feel luxurious and require you to take some time, unlike our regular daily skin care routines which we can probably do in under 3 minutes…
You put your hair up (maybe also wrapped in a mask?), put on one of those sexy hairbands to keep the product from migrating to your hair, put on some music (Fleetwood Mac, Jessie Baylin or Chris Stapleton do the relaxing trick for me) and choose the mask of the moment. Hydrating? Or maybe purifying? A radiance boosting one? Or mix and match ’em for a multi-masking session?

When I use a regular mask I like to apply them with one of those flat foundation brushes that I just cannot use to apply for foundation and let it do its work. But this doesn’t work for that other perfect mask moment: long-haul flights! I’ve written about in-flight skin care before and how bad plane journeys are for your skin: click here. If you can get your hands on a sample: great, but if you don’t, a sheet mask is the way to go. Perfect for many reasons: no fussing with brushes and jars (it can get messy though, not gonna lie) and no need to lug it around for the rest of the trip because it’s just the right amount: one sheet for one use and then in the bin it goes.

Don’t limit your sheet mask use to planes, that’s not what I’m advocating here, you can use them at home at well for your moment of zen. And that’s what I did, not having any long-haul flights planned anyway…

The first Qiriness sheet mask I tried was the Hyaluronic Moisture Mask* which is, as the name says, all about hydration. This would be the one to use for a 5+ hour plane journey! A mask that boosts hydration, protects your skin and plumps everything up so you can arrive at your destination as if you just had a spa treatment on your private jet as opposed to a sleep deprived 7 hours sitting upright hoping you don’t crash (or is that just me?).

A complaint I’ve heard a few times about sheet masks is that they’re not practical: too big, not fitting the face comfortably,… But I have to say that these Qiriness microfiber sheet masks were very easy to apply and they fit really nicely. I just positioned them as correctly as possible over eyes, nose and mouth and then smoothened it out over the rest of my face. They didn’t start hanging or coming off, they stuck on without feeling uncomfortable.

In terms of result I wasn’t super impressed with the Hyaluronic Moisture Mask, my skin did feel extra hydrated but it wasn’t a spectacular result. I would thus recommend this for long-haul flights.

But the second mask I tried was a winner! I’ve been having some issues with my skin again (my fault for wanting to try other things than Delbôve, I know better!) and my chin turned into breakout central again. I have some purifying clay masks but my sensitive skin doesn’t always agree with those, and so the Purifying Mask seemed like a good alternative.

It promises exactly what other purifying masks do: control sebum, make pores less visible, mattify,… But it does so without dehydrating the skin! Even more, the sheet mask format gives you extra hydration: bingo!

It doesn’t only promise all of the above, it actually delivers! It’s been a long time since I saw such obvious results from using a mask: pores were less visible, my skin was not shiny at all and it felt beautifully hydrated.

Anyone with combination or oily skin, but especially those who also have sensitive skin: try this mask, it will blow you away!

Qiriness is available at Ici Paris XL and both of these masks (Hyaluronic Moisture Mask and Purifying Mask) as well as the Radiance Booster Mask are €4,90 a piece.

For €5,00 you can get the Radiant Eye Contour Mask if you like eye patches. And then for €5,50 they also have the Soft and Smooth Hand Mask and Foot Mask, which both intrigue me very much indeed.

For the UK I can see you can order online directly on the Qiriness website but I can’t seem to find any stores unfortunately.

Have you tried any sheet masks? Tell me more in the comments! See you next time.