Luxury Lovin’: Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Candle

Part 3 of my Luxury Appreciation Month is here and just like last week it’s about a fragrance. Also just like last week it involves velvet. Velvet glosses, velvet lipsticks, velvet scents: Give it to me! Keep reading if you want to know more about Jo Malone‘s Velvet Rose & Oud.

Jo Malone has been on my mind for a while now but it took me until Boxing Day 2015 to actually make a purchase. We made a trip to Amsterdam and I was very curious to see the new and improved beauty department at De Bijenkorf which has many beautiful counters among which my dear Jo Malone.

I don’t know what exactly attracts me to Jo Malone so much, maybe it’s the Britishness, maybe it’s the no-fuss packaging/names/scents, but something sure does!

Before we had even left for Amsterdam I had decided I would buy a candle and not a cologne because at the time I was almost drowning in perfume bottles, samples, etc and I was very much into candles (Christmas times bring out the cozy, right?). I sniffed and sniffed some more and although there were quite a few contenders, it was Velvet Rose & Oud that won the battle.

Velvet Rose & Oud is one of the Intense Colognes, you can easily spot these because they have dark packaging. Oud is the base note and gives an instant warm, intense scent. At the heart is rose, Damask Rose. Gorgeous yet not too floral, which is a deal breaker for me. Finishing off this glorious scent is clove to add some spiciness. The surprising element in this fragrance is the hint of praline which lingers around the room beautifully.

Lighting this candle is instant relaxation for me. It’s cozy and fragrant without transforming the room into a flower bomb. I chose well, if I say so myself.

I also got a Jo Malone Wick Trimmer because I felt spendy, let’s be honest. The packaging and attention to detail is stunning. When the lovely Sales Associate was wrapping my purchase I couldn’t help but think of the Love Actually scene where Rowan Atkinson’s character is doing his wrapping magic for Alan Rickman’s (naughty) character. A whiff of fragrance, some tissue, a little bow,… It just adds to the experience and I am the first to admit that I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.

I was surprised to find Jo Malone matches in the box when I opened my gift to myself. Fanciest matches ever, right? I had no idea they came with the candle and at first thought it was a little silly. But now I’m totally converted to the whole Jo Malone ritual when I light my Velvet Rose & Oud candle and the Jo Malone matches are for the Jo Malone candle exclusively, sorry, other candles…

This 200 gr candle is available for €60,00 (the “regular” ones are €50,00).

This candle has only confirmed that Jo Malone is a brand I need to get to know better. I must find out more about their fragrances and the art of fragrance combining and the sooner, the better! I have a feeling that it will be quite soon…

Do you have any Jo Malone faves? Please let me know in the comments!