New in Belgium: Kiko and Urban Decay

This is probably no longer real “news” to any of you but Urban Decay and Kiko are coming to Belgium! This is really exciting and since I’ve tried stuff from both brands and want to try more I figured a little post about it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Coming Soon: Urban Decay & Kiko

Urban Decay is the most anticipated launch so let’s start there.

Where? The Urban Decay range will be available soon (september) in select Ici Paris XL stores, as of now the exact locations and dates are unknown but I expect these to made public soon. However, until then you can get your Urban Decay fix at Ici Paris Xl’s webshop: Urban Decay!

Coming Soon: Urban Decay

What have I tried? The Primer Potion was my first Urban Decay product and I’ve never looked back. It’s a great eyeshadow primer and one tube will last you a very long time. I loved my first one so much I started buying one whenever I walked into a Sephora, quickly realizing that my Sephora visits were way more frequent and I couldn’t keep up with my Primer Potion use.

The packaging has changed a few times already (my first one had a little wand, mine is to be squeezed it out of the tube, the new ones seem to have wands again, what is going on here?!) and some variations have been added to the range.  The new ones have 2 additional shades and there’s an anti-aging version as well, which I have but is still untouched. You really don’t need a lot of this stuff.

I will definitely repurchase this, but not anytime soon… The original one is €19,60, the anti-aging travel size version will set you back €12,40.

The only other Urban Decay product I’ve ever bought is the Naked Basics palette. You can read all about here. And then read about its horrible fate here. Yes, it is not longer part of my stash. Although I did think it was a nice palette, I haven’t missed it either… So I don’t feel the need to repurchase. I can’t seem to find it in the Ici Paris XL webshop but I did find the Naked Basics 2 palette for €28,00.

What’s on my wish list? So many things! Of course one of the Naked palettes, which was my intention when I had to settle for the Naked Basics palette instead in Lille. I think I want Naked 3 (€49,90), but I’ll swatch in store. Or maybe get all 3?

You can also buy the Double Ended Brush separately by the way, it’s €19,60.

I’m loving my Diorshow Maximizer (Lash Plumping Serum/Primer) but when this is empty I might give the Subversion Lash Primer a try (€19,60).

I’m on the fence about make up setting sprays, but I’ve read great things about the one from Urban Decay, maybe this is the one to change my mind? Not cheap at € 28,80 though…

The Naked Flushed palettes are so pretty. They have a bronzer, highlighter and blush which makes it a great all round palette. Not sure about the shades, I’ll have to check in store. €34,00 for one of these babies.

At the very top of my Urban Decay wish list is the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. Rumor has it it’s better than Nars’ Radiant Creamy  Concealer so this is a must try for me. Finding a good concealer is tricky, finding a holy grail concealer seems like an impossible task! This will be my the first item in my shopping bag, for sure. It’s €23,70.

The second new kid on the block is Kiko. Straight from Milano, Kiko offers had huge selection of products, shades and collections at a very interesting price!

Where? A Kiko store will open at “the end of summer” (I’ll just assume it’s September, which will be a “feeling spendy” month) in Brussels, at Elsensesteenweg.

What have I tried? Let’s start with lip products. The Velvet Mat Satin lipstick in Pink Carnation tends to get shoved in the back of my Muji drawers but it is a really nice product. I just have too many options I guess. For €6,90 you even get great packaging, just a really good deal.

Another lipstick I got was the Ace of Diamond from the Daring Game collection, so this is no longer available, just like the lip liner that goes with it. I have to say I was so impressed with these!

More lip liners but from the permanent collection: the all round Invisible Lip Liner (€5,90), which I haven’t used that much, and the Smart Lip Pencil in Rose Mauve. Is this the very best lip liner out there? Probably not (MAC does a superb lip liner…). However… For €2,50 (it’s on sale for €1,20 now!) I think this is a must buy if you’re just getting into make up, if you’re on a budget or if you love experimenting without breaking the bank. It’s simply a basic lip liner, available in a great range of shades.

Coming Soon: Kiko

My first ever Kiko purchase was the Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer, also from the Daring Game collection and again, you get a lovely product, beautifully packaged at a great price. The highlighter is a tad too shimmery for me but the bronzer shade is great.

From all the products I’ve tried from Kiko their stick products are the stars of the show for me. The Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush (Coral Rose)  is definitely not the most pigmented, but it’s so easy to throw in your bag and on your face! €3,90, people, that’s it!

It gets better though, with the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter (Rose). I absolutely adore this highlighter! It applies beautifully, it’s not glittery or too shimmery. If you want the most natural, glowy, comfortable highlighter, you should get this one. It’s a bargain at €4,20!

And then I shall once again tell you about the Kiko product you should all buy. In bulk. After I get my supply of course… The Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (Golden Chocolate). Great pigmentation, easy to apply and blend, yet still living up to its long-lasting claims and in a gorgeous range of colours. All of that for €6,90! If you only buy one thing from Kiko, it has to be this!

What’s on my wish list? How about the whole damn store?! Okay, maybe I should just start with some more Long lasting Stick Eyeshadows. I’m particularly interested in neutrals (Light Taupe and Pearly Quartz Rose) and the blues and greens are stunning (Emerald Green, Teal and Ocean Blue).

I have already found a favourite eyeshadow primer (see above) but a face primer? That’s a different story. Maybe the Skin Tone Corrector Primer (Green: €9,90) could help even out the redness in my skin? The Mat Base Corrector Primer sounds good too, it’s €8,90.

The Luscious Cream Creamy Lipstick looks amazing, I think I might need some Magenta (€6,90) in my life/Muji.

When it comes to Kiko all I can say is…. They have a huge permanent collection but definitely check out the limited edition collections as well, they are fab! Kiko is a brand that has to be experienced in store. The range is gigantic and can be a bit overwhelming (okay, very overwhelming) but don’t hesitate to ask for help, their sales associates are very helpful.

Which brings me to the best thing about Kiko: the price. The products (at least the ones I’ve tried) are great. The packaging is sturdy but also pretty. The stores are very cool (super crowded as well, but that’s just how it is). The service you get is top-notch, you can ask for a product to be applied, you can get help choosing the right shade or type of product etc. This level of quality from product to shopping experience is waaaaay above the drugstore price you pay.

Catch up on some of my older declarations of Kiko love here and here.

September sure is gonna be a challenge for my wallet.

Are you looking forward to these launches? Or are you desperately waiting for another brand to come to Belgium?