Random Round Up #7

#7 should have been my round up for October, November and December 2016 but because of the whole move thing, I skipped that and I even missed out on a look back at 2016: woops! I’m starting fresh in 2017 and bring you the randomness of January, February and March!


No travel just yet, no need for that if you move to a new city, right? We’ve been exploring London of course, but that doesn’t count as travel when you live there, so I think I might do a separate post on that.


Lots of food has been tried, tested and approved! I might also put these in a separate post but I’ll mention some of the highlights anyway. We’ve had delicious pizza at Arancina: not the generic ones but also not too out there, simply beautiful, finger licking good pizza. We’ve discovered and fallen in love with The Breakfast Club and are eager to to their daytime menu now that we’ve had quite a few brunches there and the odd burger. The avocado on toast is scrumptious, the pancakes are very American, the cocktails are yummy and thus dangerous when happy hour rolls around, … That’s the food sorted, but TBC is more than that. The decor is fun and nostalgic and the music… oh the music! I’ve only been to the Boxpark Croydon café but any place that plays Fleetwood Mac 3 times during my meal is a winner.

More burgers at Byron where you can have the satisfaction of some greasy food combined with a nice place to sit. I love Five Guys  (best burgers, best fries) but it’s not the cosiest place to hang out at. Byron is more suitable if you want to enjoy a chat while assaulting your calorie count.

We’ve also been having the occasional afternoon treat at Le Pain Quotidien , their tarts are the perfect treat after a long walk around London.


Nothing to see here! I’d love to go see Beauty and The Beast though…


Still going strong with all the Real Housewives franchises, I can’t help it. It’s always the same petty BS but it’s fun to watch. We got rid of our Netflix subscription because we now have Sky and I’ve been watching some new things on there.

I’ve made it through Chicago Fire (3 seasons I think) only to discover that I couldn’t watch Chicago PD or Chicago Med: boo! I quite liked, it’s like the fire department version of ER. We’ve been watching some White House shows because sometimes the fiction versions are better than reality: Madam Secretary (now on season 3) and The West Wing. We are so late to the party for The West Wing and it’s so good!

I’ve also been watching Say Yes To The Dress and it’s awesome. If anyone wants to go dress shopping at Kleinfeld: please take me. It’s so dramatic and over the top but it requires no thinking at all and sometimes that’s what you need. The budgets blow my mind but to each their own, right…

When we still had our Netflix subscription I took advantage of it right at the end to watch 13th, a documentary about the USA’s prison system and how it results in modern day slavery and suppression of African Americans. If you want to know more, I wrote more about it in my International Women’s Day post here but please please please watch it if you have Netflix. It’s so good, it’s eye-opening, it’s heartbreaking and I want to encourage everyone to watch it. Spread the word!


The XX are touring and they did a whole week of shows in their hometown Brixton. We had tickets to go see them, my sister stayed for a weekend to come see the show and it was amazing! We saw the second show which had Robyn as support act and man, she’s a firecracker. It was a short but intense set, I had never seen her live but I’m glad I have now. The XX had the home advantage and the crowd went mad. They knew every word and they were LOUD! It was great to see the band enjoy the show, I really enjoyed it as well. The stage set up with the mirrors and lights was very cool, the venue (Brixton Academy) was nice (sticky floors though): great show!

Just before the show we dropped by Honest Burgers because they had a limited edition The XX burger on offer and Jamie and Oliver were there, casually eating their burgers as well.

I’d urge you to get tickets, but they were in Brussels before they started their Brixton shows… But you can see them at Pukkelpop, always fun!


Well this is disappointing, only one book here and I haven’t even finished it… Sali HughesPretty Iconic has been my book of choice whenever I feel like reading a few pages. Unlike Pretty Honest, which I read in 1 go (read my post about it here), this is more a “put down and pick back up whenever I feel like it”-book. It’s the perfect format for this type of reading, every iconic product gets its own page so you can just read a few and put it back down for later reading. Whereas I found, and still find, Pretty Honest a must read for beauty lovers and beauty skeptics alike, Pretty Iconic is more a nostalgic read for beauty lovers, experienced or novice. It will give you an insight in the recent history of beauty, how products were created to meet certain demands because of how we live our lives changed, and in a way the message that is conveyed is basically the same as in Pretty Honest: beauty is for anyone and everyone, requires no justification to anyone but yourself, it’s about fun but when necessary can also be a pick me up in bad times. But here the message is more hidden in between the nostalgic looks back at the iconic products Sali chose. A lovely read but Pretty Honest is still my number 1!


Nothing new to report here. As predicted, I haven’t bought anything new except for another Pixi Glow Tonic. Maybe next time? I have a huge beauty crush on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance so that might happen.

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