Red Velvet Rumble: Liquid Lipstick Edition

Welcome back to Beautywander for its first actual post about… beauty! You may or may not know that I’m somewhat obsessed with matte lip products. It’s my favourite way of going bold these days so I wandered (see what I did there, ha!) through my Muji drawers (home of my lip products) and picked out all the mattes. There were quite a few so I’m starting with the liquid lipsticks today, I chose 1 shade of each type I have to make things easier.

First and foremost, any matte lip product will highlight any dryness or flakiness on your lips, so make sure you scrub, moisturise, treat your lips, especially now temperatures are dropping. I did a post on this quite a while ago: click here for a reminder!

Many brands are now on the matte bandwagon, also in liquid form. Some of the most famous ones that I have yet to try include Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Lipsticks, Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams. As soon as I get my hands some of these and tested them, this post will get a sequel… Speaking of NYX Cosmetics, it’s coming to Belgium in 2016! More details as soon as possible.

The ones I have tried are from Giorgio Armani, Sephora, Bourjois and BE Creative Make Up.

Let’s kick things off with the most expensive one: Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestro (€33,60 at Parfuma). I didn’t buy this one but was lucky enough to receive a mini. I got the shade 400, a beautiful blue toned red. This has the most hydrating texture, but in all fairness, the other ones are not drying or uncomfortable whatsoever.


The applicator is ok, nothing special to report, but I’m not sure if this the exact same one as the full size version, so it’s difficult to comment on that. It’s easy to apply, so it’s good enough for me!

Next up is Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain (€10,95 at I have 2 shades: Always Red (01) and Strawberry Kissed (03). For this post I tested and swatched Always Red. There’s a reason why this is on most people’s Sephora shopping list (and it should be on yours…), it’s quite fabulous! It’s by far the most matte from the 4 products I’m reviewing today, so if it’s ultramatte you want, look no further. It applies very evenly and the texture dries quite quickly, you get instant result.


If I had to find fault with it, I’d say the applicator is too bendy and flexible for me which makes precise application a bit of a challenge, for me anyway.

My initial favorite matte product is up next: Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvet (€14,19 at Kruidvat). 6 of these have made it into my Muji drawers, but for the purpose of this post I chose to focus on Hot Pepper (03), a hot orange red.


I really liked these when I first got into bold lips, but having now tried other matte liquid lipsticks, I have to admit I’ve lost some, if not most, of that first love. My main issue is the texture, you probably won’t get a good application on the first swipe. The other 3 products mentioned in this post absolutely will.

You need to layer the product and the result can be blotchy and uneven. This one takes time and patience. I do prefer this applicator over the Sephora one. The shade range is great, but the finish is also not my favourite. It’s not as matte as the Cream lip Stain, but it also doesn’t have the nice finish the Lip Maestro and Licious Lips Velvet Gloss have (more on that later).

It’s not bad but it’s just not as good as the others. You can find more swatches, shades and information in this post.

I saved the best for last: BE Creative Make Up’s Licious Lips Velvet Gloss (€12,95 at ICI Paris XL). It’s my absolute favourite because it has the pros of the 3 previous products, without any of their cons, oh yeah!


If you read my post on the BE Splendid collection you’ll know this baby was on my wish list and it was just a matter of time before it came home with me. Vegas (001) is a gorgeous blue toned red, not that different from the Armani one mentioned above. Another thing it has in common with Lip Maestro is that neither of these are a true matte. It’s beautifully velvet, it’s matte but with some shine that just takes it to another level. However, it is quite bit cheaper, so it wins budget wise…

The Cream Lip Stain’s (minor) flaw, the flexible applicator, is not to be found here. Licious Lips Velvet Gloss comes with a firm, non flexible applicator that will allow you to have a near perfect result on the first swipe. Really. Even my unsteady hand can do it, and that says a lot! All 4 have a doe foot applicator, but this version is my fave.

How about the texture, my main concern with the Rouge Edition Velvets? It’s lovely, people, absolutely lovely! It’s opaque, it’s just matte enough without exposing all your lines, dryness, etc. Perfection, indeed.

I haven’t mentioned wear-time yet. It’s quite good for all 4 of them, Cream Lip Stain wins here, it is the most matte after all, but it’s also the most difficult to remove and least forgiving of dry lips, which completely makes sense.

So BE Creative Make Up seems to be winning on all fronts, right? Well there is 1 issue, and it’s quite a big one… There only 1 shade, please correct me if I’m wrong because I hope this is a mistake but…

I know, it’s ridiculous, just 1 shade! It’s pretty one, sure, but we need more, BE Creative Make Up-peeps!

Let’s recap and add some swatches! Just one swipe for Giorgio Armani, Sephora and BE Creative Make Up, but 3 for Bourjois…


Do you want the most matte? Sephora Cream Lip Stain.

Do you prefer a smooth velvet finish? Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro is great if you’re willing to splurge or are looking for a particular shade that isn’t Vegas (001) otherwise BE Creative Make Up Licious Lips Velvet Gloss is a superb, and much more affordable, option. Unfortunately you’re limited to 1 shade.

If you do find yourself stuck with a product that you find too matte for the occasion or look of the day (or the condition of your lips), use it as a base for a lipstick with a similar shade that might not have the same staying power. I know I sure hate it when a lipstick starts fading awkwardly, leaving you with that 90s dark liner look. To prevent that I sometimes use a matte product first, for longlasting results, and add a similar shade of lipstick on top to give it a little more life, that extra dimension that a matte might lack. When the lipstick inevitably fades away, the matte shade underneath will prevent awkwardness and the need for an immediate touch up!

So lovely people of BE Creative Make Up, please give us more shades! Or tell me I’m wrong and there are actually 20 more divine shades that I don’t seem to find online… Please?

Are you into matte lips as well? Any recommendations? Comment away!