Sisley Pop Up @ No Concept

Welcome back! Two weeks ago I wrote a post about Sisley, their history and some of their star products. Perfect timing if I say so myself because until June 5th you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Sisley at No Concept. If you haven’t read the previous post: you can catch up here, if you’d like. Done? Alright, let’s talk Pop Up!

Maybe we should get acquainted with No Concept Stores first? There are several No Concept Stores in the Brussels area but the one that is home to the Sisley Pop Up is No Concept in Ukkel.

No Concept

The concept of No Concept (I had to go there..) is that they sell a wide range of products, from clothes to food to homeware to jewellery, from a wide range of brands. From the moment you walk into the store you can tell a lot of thought went into the selection of the items that are available. They are regular items, like sneakers, but with a twist. They offer what is trendy and fashionable but the products they choose are just a little different from what you’ll find in other stores.

I was particularly smitten by the shoes, I saw some awesome sneakers that would be great additions to my shoe collection.

The homeware collection was beautiful and I saw so many things I wanted to take home! I could live in that store and be perfectly happy there, thank your very much.

There’s even a restaurant here, so why leave?

No Concept

It really is the perfect place for Sisley to celebrate their recently launched Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Âge with a Pop Up from May 10th to June 5th.

KVDS-20160510-114026-8017-NIKON D800

Sisley @ No Concept

But the Pop Up is about more than “just” Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age, every Sisley product and even a portrait of the d’Ornano family are showcased throughout the store so it’s really a tribute to Sisley as a brand and as a company.

No Sisley tribute is complete focusing on the core of their products: plants! Daniel Ost, flower artist extraordinaire, designed the jaw-droppingly astonishing window display and it’s so Sisley! The little pots, and one huuuuuuge pot, of Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age are like blooming flowers in this design, it’s Sisley perfection. This collaboration is a perfect fit!

After walking by the window display you can get a Sisley Detox Juice in the restaurant, a mini treatment in the spa upstairs and admire their make up, skin care, fragrance, body care and sun care! Every Friday there’s a “Beauty School” as well. For treatments and the Beauty School, reservations are required: more info here.

In the store itself you can walk in for a make up touch up, no reservation needed!

When I was invited to the opening night last Thursday I couldn’t say no to a make up touch up by Sisley Make Up Artist Liselotte. Of course I was still thinking of that beautiful Phyto-Touche Illusion d’Eté gel powder and I asked her if she could use that on me, she happily obliged!

Sisley @ No Concept

Even better, or worse, I also fell in love with every single other product she used… Here’s the list: Super Soin Solaire Teinté in 1 Natural as base touch up, Phyto-Touche Illusion d’Eté to for some soft and natural shaping, L’Orchidée Rose for blush and highlighting, Phyto-Eye Twist in 9 Pearl (all over lid) and 11 Copper (outer corner both upper and lower eyelid), So Curl mascara in 3 Deep Blue (over the black So Curl I was already wearing) and Phyto-Lip Twist in 12 Melon.

And here are my thoughts… Super Soin Solaire Teinté is a dream travel product. It’s sun care (SPF 30), it’s a gorgeous base (only 4 shades, but it will adapt to your skin tone) and the finish is a-ma-zing! If only we could ignore that price tag… I might consider this if I were to leave for a sunny vacation but still wanted to wear make up every day.

Oh, that Phyto-Touche Illusion d’Eté…  You know when you fall in love with a product at first sight? And then you use it and it’s totally not what you wanted or expected it to be? Yeah, that would be the exact opposite of what happened with this gem. It’s a “one shade suits all”-product and I usually find that hard to believe, having quite pale skin myself. But this product looked so good! The texture is so light it’s perfect for building up to get the look you want. It’s so so pretty! It’s obviously still on the wishlist and it even moved up a few places.

The perfect companion for Phyto-Touche Illusion d’Eté is L’Orchidée. The design is gorgeous but don’t leave it unused because the product is even better! It gave the most natural, healthy flush of colour to my cheeks and the shiny bits are beautiful as a highlighter on top of the cheekbones. Also wishlisted? Yes, sir!

Pearl and Copper are part of the new Photo-Eye Twist shades and I already had a feeling I would like these. They are perfect for a day-to-evening look: Pearl opens up your eyes, brightens your look and Copper adds some dimension and shape. Easily blended with your fingers so if you’re not a fan of using brushes: check these out!

When I told you about the blue So Curl mascara in the previous post I said I wanted it because then I was intrigued, now… I am convinced! It’s not an electric blue that you can see from miles away (although that can be cool too!) but it just adds a pop of colour and made my green eyes stand out more. It would also work really well on the tips of your lashes with a brown mascara as a base. Don’t be afraid of the blue mascara, peeps!

I already said I thought Melon was a bit too light for me to wear alone, but with the beachy summer look Liselotte had created it actually worked better than I thought it would!

I left the store with a freshly made up face and a beautiful flower: not a bad way to spend an evening.

Sisley @ No Concept

The Pop Up is a great way to get to know Sisley, so if this has sparked an interest: go take a look at No Concept Ukkel! Will you be visiting the Sisley Pop Up? Don’t forget to call ahead for an appointment if you want a treatment or if you want to go to Beauty School!

P.S.: Across the street is another bit of beauty heaven… More about that later!