My Sorcière Beauty Ritual & Delbôve Results

The time has come to take a look at my Delbôve Sorcière Beauty Ritual and how it’s been working for me! I’ve told you about this extraordinary Belgian brand, its Boutiques and philosophy in a previous post and now it’s all about product and result. Keep on reading if you want to know what products I’ve been using and how my skin has reacted to them.

My Delbôve Skin Analysis

When I was invited to explore the Antwerp store and to get my skin analysed I knew it would be best to go make up free. Okay, not completely, I did apply some mascara, brow pencil and lip balm because I have my limits. But my skin was 100% make up free to make sure the Delbôve experts would be able to make a good assessment of my skin’s condition. It’s a first world problem, I know, but when you’re not happy with your skin it’s a hurdle to overcome however since I was ready for a skin care overhaul, this was the perfect occasion to properly deal with it!

After being introduced to the brand and its product range by the Gina d’Ansembourg, who is a walking Delbôve advertisement!, Marleen and madame Bernadette it was time for a skin analysis.

I didn’t go to Antwerp with bare skin for nothing so I was ready for madame Bernadette’s eagle eye. My skin was instantly proclaimed “textbook combination skin”. But while this means oily T-zone and “normal” skin on cheeks for most people, it’s the other extreme for me. My T-zone is my “normal” area and my cheeks are dry as the desert and sensitive. This dryness and also redness was the main concern for the Delbôve ladies. This shouldn’t have been a surprise for me as blemishes seem to love my cheeks and chin and go nowhere near my forehead but I didn’t realise it was more than just dehydration.

I was “prescribed” a Sorcière Beauty Ritual to keep my T-zone in good condition and to get the rest of my face on the same track as well.

My Sorcière Beauty Ritual

All Sorcière Beauty Rituals start with Eau Sorcière (€42,00 for 100ml) and Crème Sorcière (€68,00 for 100ml) and mine is no different.

I touched on this essential part of any Delbôve routine briefly in my previous post but will go into more detail now.

The first week I stuck completely to Delbôve’s instructions. After that I started to make some changes to make it more practical and comfortable for me, read below!

Every morning and evening I cleanse with these 2 staple products by spritzing Eau Sorcière on my face (with or without make up and or SPF: same routine), taking some Crème Sorcière on my hand on which I spray some more Eau Sorcière and applying the Crème Sorcière on my face. I apply the Crème all over my face and massage it a bit before adding some tap water to thin out the texture to a more milky substance. I massage the products into my skin and it gets rid of all make up, including mascara and liquid lipstick. This is my personal take on the Delbôve instructions (which you’ll find in store or on the website), with some tiny twists because that’s how I prefer to do it, for example not adding water immediately because I’m not a big fan of a liquid milk texture. This way I stay closer to the balm texture I usually go for. But of course it’s up to you to find your way of making the most of your Ritual.

To finish the cleansing step I take 2 cotton pads soaked with lukewarm tap water, add a spray of Eau Sorcière on them and take away any excess product with them. I then take a tissue to pat my face dry. I don’t rub but gently pat because my skin tends to react to too much friction but again, whatever works for you and your skin is the way to go.

The cleansing step feels lovely, doesn’t leave your skin stripped and yet it does cleanse really well. Yes, this means that I am not double cleansing now, le shock!

This step is both part of the AM and PM Ritual but after that it becomes somewhat different.Delbôve - Ultra Sorcière


In the morning I follow up with Ultra Sorcière (€62,00 for 30ml), a cream for sensitive, reactive skin that reduces redness. It’s quite rich, thicker than I would prefer for my AM cream (I love a fresh gel texture in the morning, what can I say) but it is very soothing and moisturising. It takes a little work because the cream goes white on the skin, but after some gentle patting it’s no longer visible and an excellent base for make up. Whenever I feel the need I will spray some Eau Sorcière before applying Ultra Sorcière.


That’s it for my morning routine: 3 products!

My evening routine starts off the exact same way, I might use a little more Crème Sorcière for the cleansing part because I’m wearing make up but the rest is the identical.

Delbôve - Gel Perfection


Instead of simply applying Ultra Sorcière, which is about hydration, comfort and reducing redness, I first apply Gel Perfection (€35,00 for 30ml). This gel-like liquid focuses more on purifying and clarifying the skin. This stuff gets absorbed instantly by my skin, it’s crazy. I add some Ultra Sorcière on top and maybe a spritz of Eau Sorcière.


Again, only 4 products of which 3 also appear in the AM routine: simplicity is key. 4 products for my daily skin care needs, that are mostly taking care of day to day hydration, my redness and blemish issues. To further deal with the dryness, mainly on my cheeks, we’re throwing in a mask.

Masque Plénitude (€51,00 for 50ml) is a cream filled with oils and cocoa butter to hydrate the upper layers of the skin. I apply it twice a week: once all over my face and once only on the my cheeks, which need it most.

Delbôve - Masque Plénitude

It took some getting used to, this Ritual. A smaller selection of products, a different way of applying and removing, different textures,… But I decided to bite the bullet and stick to it as long as possible. As I said in my previous post, Delbôve isn’t about instant changes, it aims to solve your issues for the long haul so it’s necessary that you give the products and your skin some time to adjust.

Adjusting to the Delbôve way of doing things has also taught me some lessons: I was too harsh on my skin, too much rubbing with flannels was one of the causes for my sensitive skin to go red. I also learned to appreciate cotton pads, that alone is quite a miracle!

Other uses for the products

Aside from their straightforward purposes in your Ritual, these products can do much more. They are true multi-taskers!

Eau Sorcière can be applied to insect bites to get rid of that damn itch, I can tell you it works because some mosquito got me good this Summer and I had bites all over my hands which is extra annoying…

Ultra Sorcière can also be used on chapped lips!

You can find tips on how to get creative with the products in store and on the website.

Some changes to my Ritual

I did add some non-Delbôve to my routine after a while, because it didn’t include an eye cream (they do have one in their range: Contour des Yeux). I simply added the Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream from the 3rd Caroline Hirons Cultbeauty Box.

And then I added a product out of sheer curiosity… Sonya Dakar’s Eye Wash from the 4th Caroline Hirons Cultbeauty Box. I didn’t throw this in because the Eau and Crème Sorcière weren’t doing  a good job! I just really wanted to try it and figured it would make me use less of Eau and Crème Sorcière if I didn’t have to use it to take off mascara thus resulting in being able to use those products longer! 

After about 5 weeks I ran out of Ultra Sorcière (boo!) and I’ve replaced it with Qiriness Caresse Temps Precieux Perfect Repair Cream. It’s a very nice cream for both day and night: light enough for day yet rich enough for night. However, it’s geared towards a more mature skin (40+) so the core benefits don’t apply to my skin just yet. It did work nicely with the rest of my ritual. The Qiriness cream soon ran out (it was a leftover…) and now Filorga Time Filler Mat Cream has taken its place.

Another week later my Crème Sorcière was dunzo! At this time I started to get a bit anxious, because it had been going so well… So now I’m using up the cleansers I have lined up (Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Ren Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser) but I do miss my Sorcière Beauty Ritual.

The Ritual results

Yada yada yada…, does it work?!

I’m very happy to say it does!

The first week went great and then, as predicted, my skin went through a slightly rough patch with some spots on my chin and cheeks. After 3 weeks I noticed my skin felt more comfortable, less irritated and I noticed I was using less concealer (great indicator of how your skin is doing).

Week 4 brought a hormone induced break out, which was to be expected… But I stuck to the Ritual and my skin was so much better afterwards.

Being a double cleansing, oil and balm loving gal, I thought the cleansing part would lack some power but it really doesn’t. My skin feels clean but not stripped, far from it. The other products target specific concerns brilliantly and while my skin already felt quite soft, it now feels less sensitive and less fragile. A blemish still pops up from time to time but after about 2 months of use I can say the the redness is disappearing slowly but surely.

They say a picture says more than a thousand words and although the quantity of concealer you use is a great indicator of the state your skin is in, I did take some pics to see the changes. Sorry for the close ups (eeek!), but you can see that the blemishes disappear, my skin is more plump and hydrated. All these pictures were taken straight after my morning routine. (sorry for the change of light in the last one!).

I’m not there yet with my skin, but it’s definitely getting better: more even, less dehydrated, less sensitive, smoother,… In short: more balanced.

Additional Products

Mains de Fée

Delbôve - Mains de Fée

This wonderful hand cream is a treat to use. It’s exactly what a hand cream should be: rich and moisturising without giving you greasy hands. – €32,00 for 50ml

Pieds Enchantés

Delbôve - Pieds Enchantés

A foot cream that does more than just moisturise? That’s what Pieds Enchantés is: it should also be effective against foot odour when used daily, the mentol in it works anti-inflammatory but also works as the perfect fresh pick-me-up for tired and swollen feet! – €38,00 for 50ml

Bain Valériane

Delbôve Valeriane

For a soothing, cleansing and moisturising at-home-spa-moment you can use this in your bath. You can even use it as an emergency shampoo! – €62,00 for 240ml

Huile Intense

Delbôve - Huile Intense

This concentrate is filled to the brim with oil and fatty acids. It’s particularly geared toward 40+ clients to use on their neck and décolleté but anyone could use it. You could also use in in your Ritual if you need extra hydration, just not around the eyes. – €69,00 for 30ml

To Be Continued?

I will happily recommend this range to anyone. Whether you have specific concerns, are in a skin care rut or are just looking to try something new: please do yourself a favour and discover Delbôve. It’s not a budget brand but it’s definitely not unaffordable luxury either. You only have 1 skin and it should be treated with care so it’s worth investing in.

I wouldn’t recommend it if I wasn’t planning on continuing with the products myself. However, I’m not going to lie and claim I have instantly re-ordered everything… I have quite a few other skin care products waiting for me in my beauty cupboard and I wouldn’t be a beauty enthusiast if I wasn’t curious about those either. As my Delbôve products go empty I will replace them with whatever I have on hold here but I know I will go back to Delbôve when it’s time to make some skin care purchases or when it all goes wrong and I need Delbôve to save the day. Because I know it will now and that’s a very reassuring thought!

I haven’t encountered any issues with the products or packaging, although I will say it’s not very travel-friendly (it’s a pet peeve of mine, I can’t help it). The bulky glass packaging is gorgeous but I can’t imagine throwing them in a bag!

This is the first skin care routine I’ve used that I can write about enthusiastically and recommend to you because it actually works for me. On top of that I love the packaging, the visuals, the story, the people,… They’re all part of a wonderful, magical puzzle that you should discover.

I’m confident that you can benefit from Delbôve products just like me so please visit one of their Boutiques, attend a Sorcière Party, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Delbôve’s skin care sorcery.

And just so you know, I’m not the only one that’s impressed with these products, I’ve only heard great comments from other people who’ve used them. It seems there’s no going back after that first encounter with Delbôve: you’ve been warned!

I can’t wait to get back to a Boutique (I really want to see the Brussels Boutique) and get a little follow-up analysis from the Delbôve ladies.

Tell me about your experience with these products or if you’re curious about them now!